Maldives footwear

No shoes is how most people enjoy the Maldives. We let the silver sand massage and exfoliate our feet for a week, leaving us with beautiful baby soft toes for the first time since…  well since we were babies.

However not everyone is comfortable going barefoot. Maybe you hate the site of your own feet, and why should I impose my no shoes rule on you?  No, if you want to wear sandals then you are free to do so.

In fact here is a tip my wife recently threw at me. Since I am forever going into the water wearing sandals (when not in the Maldives obviously)   I should get myself a pair that will not be harmed by salt water.

A bit of online research later…  are available online and claim to be able to withstand the ocean but only appear to be in kids sizes.  Surely they are missing a trick there. Apparently these are ‘huge’ at the moment but not huge enough for my feet to fit in them.

Teva have lots of funky looking ‘sports’ sandals that would fit me and I do like the look of the Terra Fi Lites (despite the hefty pricetag). Actually, Teva also do leather look sandals and this is what I really want. Actually, if I am being totally honest I want my old  cracked Birkensocks to magically be waterproof and comfy once more.

… So I went to the Birkenstock website and what do you know, it seems I can send them off and get them properly rebuilt by the makers.

So, it seems I will soon have some lovely sandals again, but I still wont be wearing them on the Maldives.