Compared to other Maldive islands Alimatha is a budget destination.

But good nonetheless. They really should give the place a lick of paint and then Alimatha would rate alongside some of the more famous Maldive Islands. We particularly liked the fact that they ony have 60 bungalows so you really can get as much peace and quiet as you require.

Found on the Vaavu Atol, Alimatha is home of the amazing titan triggerfish, this tropical giant can seem very scary when he is heading straight toward your goggles. However don’t be alarmed and stick around to watch this magnificent sea creature getting on with living on the reef.There are clues such as facing the diver while holding its first dorsal spine erect or rolling to one side that the triggerfish gives off if you are too close to its territory, so be prepared to give the triggers plenty of room.

Triggerfish are just one of the myriad of sea creatures you will encounter in the Maldives. Sure, you can lie on a beach reading trashy novels for a week, but under the sea is where the action is.

Number of Rooms: 60