A luxury spa retreat encircled by a safe, shallow lagoon

Angsana is beautiful. The beaches are pristine, the food is delicious and the lifestyle is laid back to the point of horizontal. They also focus on marine conservation at Angsana which is a big plus for visitors like us.

This is a great maldive location for watching hawksbill turtles which have been seen in abundance on the reefs around Angsana. We saw five and Jay says she saw a loggerhead, but they are very rare so she could be mistaken. There again, the underwater visibility is amazing, so if she said she saw one, who am I to argue.

On land, the gekkos are beautiful and you an get really close with a camera and they wont move a muscle as you set up your shot… right until the moment when you more your finger just a fraction of an inch to press the shutter, at which point the dissapear faster than a speeding bullet.

Number of Rooms: 45