Kuredu is a good all rounder of an island.

A good standard of facilities and accomodation at a price that wont break the budget. Kuredu Island Resort holidays are popular with a younger crowd. If you want to see what is happening on Kuredu right now, take a look at the webcam.

Number of Rooms: 90

No shoes, no news thats what we were told as we arrived on the island.

Can not fault the food or the service in the food court, apart from if you want wine. It is free by the glass, but you have to pay if you want a bottle at the table. Also had great room service – a great play is made of the different shapes the bed sheets are made up into.

As it was part of our honeymoon, found arrangement of flowers on the bed on a few nights.

The island is a great place to relax, but beware if you want to play golf, you have to buy the golf balls. Also keep an eye on your bill as everything is charged to your room, to be settled in full before you leave the island. Some items can be very pricey.

Did a fair bit of scuba diving out there, the coral was suffering from bleaching but plently of sea life around.

The house reef even has a wreck to investigate, but a word of warning the deco stop is right by where the sea plane taxis in and out from the island.

The main question is would we go back again, the answer is yes but not for a few years. ”   – Ian James